Happy Christmas!

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Happy Christmas

Christmas is a time of enjoying the company of people we love, relaxing and celebrating.  The last thing you want is to get stressed about the photography and what’s going in your scrapbook. 

.....Speaks the woman who has no pictures of one Christmas when my children were growing up… I just got caught up in the day and forgot! 

Feeling festive is one thing but capturing it on camera can be a different matter!  I want to share with you a few thoughts for photographing your Christmas.



Christmas is filled with so many little details that make the season special.  Don’t forget to include them in your photos.  (Make sure you check out my free Christmas photo inspiration sheet -click here)


Don’t expect your photos to be perfect. 

We would love a wonderful Christmas photo of our family or friends.  But the reality is, perfection is overrated.  Reality is priceless.


Enjoy the day

The worst thing we can do is to be so busy taking pictures that we miss enjoying the day with our family.  You could set up your phone on a tripod and do time lapse shots of the living room – Google it!


You don’t have to scrap every minute of the day

Just use your favourite 8 – 10 photos


Have a wonderful break, see you next year!