Eleven ways to make the most of your tripod

Posted by Linda Gransby on

 11 ways to make the most of your tripod

  1. Adjust the legs before positioning the tripod, that way you'll know thet are all the same height.
  2. Don't extend the legs too much, it will make your tripod unstable
  3. Don't extend the centre column too much (for the same reason....)
  4. Spread the three tripod legs as wide as you can, for stability
  5. Stay as low to the ground as you can, tall tripods fall over more easily
  6. Point one leg in the direction of your photo, that gives you two at the back to easily stand between
  7. Hanging something heavy from the centre column will improve the stability
  8. When shooting outdoors, you don't need to have level ground as you can adjust the legs.
  9. Make sure the head (where your camera is attached) is centred over the 3 legs equally
  10. Look out for loose debris under the legs which may cause the tripod to wobble
  11. Use a remote shutter release for added control (and its great for selfies)