Camera Tripods 101

Posted by Linda Gransby on

camera tripods 101

A camera tripod is a portable three legged piece of equipment that you can use to support and stablise your camera or smart phone.

They are adjustable in height, and some can also tilt the camera too. They consists of the 3 legs, the head (which holds the camera), the centrepost (to raise and lower the height), and the feet.

If you are just considering buying a tripod, you can buy an entry level one for less than £30, but you won't get all the functionality of a more top of the range one.

Here are things to consider when choosing:

  • Weight - you have to carry it! (but not too lightweight, it has to support your camera)
  • Height - how low and high will it extend to?
  • Travel - how portable is it?
  • Material - your main choices are aluminuim (cheaper) or carbon fibre (lighter but more expensive.  (Avoid stainless steel, its too heavy)
  • Usage - What are you using it for.  At home means you could go with a heavier option, but if you're taking it out and about, go for a portable one with a carry strap or case. 
  • Cost v usage - Its difficult to know how much you'll use you new tripod, so maybe go with the budget option first.  If you already know you'll use it a lot, consider spending a bit more.