12 reasons to use a Tripod

Posted by Linda Gransby on

12 reasons to use a tripod

If you think tripods are just for the professionals, think again....

Here's 12 reasons to give them a go....

  1. Better stability = Less blurred photos
  2. Easier to get Your Horizons Straight
  3. Capture Panoramas easily
  4. You can create Different Angles
  5. Leave your hands free
  6. Play with your time Lapse option
  7. Take long exposures of the sky, sea etc
  8. Shoot Self Portraits – you know you want to really!
  9. Shoot group photos with you in them!
  10. Photograph in low light without camera shake
  11. Take macro (close ups) without camera shake
  12. It makes you look like you know what youre doing! (only kidding)