No frills - Budget Crafting and Scrapbooking Weekend Residential - Deposit November 2019

Regular price £50.00

This is the budget version of my residential crafting weekends.

It's still an all-inclusive* crafting weekend, away from household chores, and plenty of quality time to spend on your favourite project, or scrapbooking your photos and memories.

There are no breakout sessions or activities scheduled on this budget weekend, just time to do your own crafting....

So come along with your friends (and make some new ones while you’re here) and enjoy a weekend get away especially for you.

Our home for the weekend is a country house, converted into a conference centre in rural Boxmoor near Hemel Hempstead, lovely grounds, large room for crafting  and en-suite bedrooms.  *All food is included, home cooked, and delicious cakes and biscuits, tea and coffee are on tap throughout the day too!
You can see full details here.....and download a booking form here