who needs housework?

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Its definitely that time of year when we snuggle up in the warm and enjoy our scrapbooking!  Its not always our priority to make time for ourselves, but scrapbooking isnt just self care and relaxation for us, its creating a wonderful record of memories for our family and friends.

In 2021 its become event more important that we embrace the activities that make us happy and relaxed.  I've definitely reinvented my weekly routines to include more things for me....   is that selfish? 

Theres a saying that you can't pour from an empty cup....  You need to take care of yourself, and enjoy some time doing what you want as well as all those tasks that make us so busy day to day....

Why not review how you spend your week...  maybe cut down on TV watching in the evenings, or spend less time on social media in favour of some craft time....?

So next time you fell guilty about delaying the housework to craft, remember that you're bringing happiness to others too, so its win-win!

person doing housework