What has helped your business the most?

Posted by Linda Gransby on

My friends tell me I’m annoyingly positive at times, but I think you have to be when you run a business, so I’d say its that, plus a willingness to learn and always trying new ideas.

I always try to plan ahead, and I make loads of lists (Google Keep is my friend, its free, look it up…) and I use a technique called ‘Time Blocking’ to be productive.  Its not always easy working for yourself, there’s no big boss cracking the whip… 

But the bottom line is, if you don’t do what needs doing, you don’t have a business, just an expensive hobby!

The World Wide Web has revolutionised small business; not only do we have access to information from across the world, we can communicate instantly with customers and suppliers and do research without even leaving the house!


We have the ability to reach people from across the world at the touch of a button, we can create our own shop front, make videos and create ebooks…. I find that very exciting, the possibilities are endless!