My why.......

Posted by Linda Gransby on

I spent 25 years working for a big UK corporate, travelling across the UK, long hours, 5 weeks holiday a year.  I always had a part time business on the go, first a craft stall, then a cross stich supplies shop on Uxbridge market, and finally scrapbooking and papercraft workshops.


but mortgage payments and raising a family meant it never seemed the right time to quit the guaranteed money of the 9-5 grind.

Over the last few years, a few massive events in my life have changed everything and made me realise that I want my life to be EXTRAORDINARY, not just average. 

Lifechanging events

I was made redundant, my husband left and my brother had a life changing illness that has left him confined to a wheelchair.

All of these things made me realise that I needed to grasp every opportunity with both hands.  It’s a cliché, but we’ve only got once chance at this, life isn’t a rehearsal….

I made a promise to myself to do exactly what I wanted, to be brave, to make my own path and not follow the one that family and friends and social convention had written for me….

That has involved travelling across the world, trying new experiences, changing my lifestyle to something much more healthy, embracing exercise, but also being my own BOSS

me and bike

……It’s not easy to work for yourself, but Memories and Photos, and the people I’ve met through my Craft retreats give me more joy, and more pleasure than I ever had in a J-O-B…. My customers have become my good friends, and I look forward to every retreat with great relish…

.and my business gives me FREEDOM….. and for me, nothing is more precious than deciding for myself how I spend my time and who with……