its all me, me, me!

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Continuing our theme of thinking 'out of the box' for scrapbook themes, rather than the chronological events formula, I'd like you to consider making a 'Book of Me'.

A book of me is exactly what it says.... make some pages about you.  It could be your favourite flowers, or what you've done in the garden.  Maybe your 10 favourite films and why, or books you've read...  Music you listen to, recipes you love to cook.  10 weird facts about you, theres all kinds of things you could include...  

Or think about documenting important milestones in your life, maybe match them up with events happening in the news to give them context?

I'm thinking that one of guest scrapbooker Cheryl's loves is flowers...  if thats you too, how about a book showing your garden through the months and how you've planned it....

2 page scrapbook layout

its meant to be fun, and takes the onus off creating pages in chronogical order - get your creative juices going and have a go!