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So, you’ve booked on to a whole weekend of fun and scrapbooking….First, and foremost, remember this is a fun weekend! You don't want to stress out so much that you can't enjoy yourself! 

Secondly, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get as much done as you were expecting.  There will be plenty of interesting things that might distract you from actually making pages. Embrace the social aspect of the weekend as well as the cropping and enjoy sharing ideas with like minded crafters!

Thirdly, each person will pack differently as you have different projects and agendas so what works for one, might not work for another.

The best "starting" direction I can give you is to first decide what is your main goal? Are you working on a big project? Working chronically? Trying to finish up started projects? Or to use up some supplies that you have on hand? By answering these questions, you will be more successful in your packing strategy.

Working on a big project?

If so, then gather materials that support that project. Pack some extras to give yourself choices.

1. I would first look through and somewhat categorize how I wanted to scrapbook them. I would print the pictures I planned to use, and some that I may or may not use. Don't forget enlarged sizes, if there are several pictures that turned out exceptional, maybe print these as enlargements.

2. Next, choose papers that support the project. Are you keeping to a colour theme in the album/project. Remember to choose both patterned paper and cardstocks. Pack different variations to give you options at the crop.

3. Don't forget inks, embellishments, fibres and die cutting items that might support your project.

4. Memorabilia or journals that you have regarding this event.

Working Chronologically?

If so, then how many pages are you hoping to accomplish? Remember to be realistic. I typically pack what I think I will accomplish/hope to accomplish and then two or three more. If you don't get through all of the have them ready for the next time you get back to them!

1. Look at your next series of pictures.

2. Select paper. embellishments etc. just as above.

3. For this type of projects, it might be easiest to make page-kits. A page kit can be defined differently depending on the planner, but basically, it is a small assortment of papers and embellishments that will work with your individual pictures.

Trying to complete started projects?

1. Look at your started projects. What do you need to do still? Journaling? Create a title? Embellish?

2. Label each project with a post-it note (they have all sizes depending on what works best for you) what you still need to do with this layout as you pack.

3. Find what you need to complete the layout, or what you might need. You want to stamp a title, pack the stamp set and the ink with the layout so once you start cropping you don't have to search through everything you have.

4. When planning, think realistic and about your habits. I have several layouts that just need journaling. However, i know that I have a hard time writing journaling when I am with other people. I get distracted, and my journaling becomes rushed and not the same quality. Knowing this, I would be happier leaving this for another time when I can concentrate. Others, might be able to journal easily so what a great time to get some of it done.

Most importantly…..relax, have fun and don’t forget to take breaks!!


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