how to choose your colour scheme....

Posted by Linda Gransby on

How much do you think about what colours to use on your page.   Are you a 'get on with it and get it done' kind of person... do you mull for hours over a layout, moving things around every few minutes before sticking them down?

If you're finding it hard to decide what colours to use with your photos, this rule of thumb, and a colour wheel may help.

colour wheel

To use the colour wheel, you must first pick your base colour. The best way to find your base colour is to look at the photos you plan to use in your layout.

Is there a colour that they all have in common? What colour can you pull out of your photos that will make a good base colour for your page?

Alternatively, if you have a themed paper that you want to use with your photographs.  Study both items and work out what colours they have in common. then gather some plain cardstock that will tie the two together.

Once you've decided on your base colour, you can then think about adding accent colours, using other papers, embellishments and memorabilia.