How my business got its name……

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Even as a little girl, I was always making things (anyone remember washing up bottles on Blue Peter?), I sewed, painted, glued, and cut my way through childhood…..

I dreamed of owning my own craft shop, and as soon as I was able, I started down the road of entrepreneurship, running a craft stall selling handsewn clowns, (don’t ask!) and later cross stitch samplers and supplies at Uxbridge market.

Photography played a major part in my upbringing too, both my parents were keen photographers, and I was given my first Kodak camera at probably around 8 years old. 

kodak camera

I would make scrapbooks of our family trips, saving tickets and brochures to add to my photographs, combining my love of crafting, and photography, not realising until much later that this was a bona fide hobby called scrapbooking!

So now I find myself championing Memory albums, encouraging others to document their lives, their travels and their families.  A combination of my beloved photos and the memories that hide behind them, and so Memories and Photos was born!