How I started

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How I started

So, Memories and Photos is my baby, I’ve nurtured her as she’s grown since I started way back in the Millenium, giving lots of TLC during bad patches, and celebrations during the good.

I’ve run her alongside a full-time job for much of that time, juggling the corporate IT world and the very polar opposite life of the creative arena, until I took the jump in 2008 and gave up corporate life to pursue my dream. 

I’m proud to say I’ve done it without investing loads of my own money (I started with less than £100), no borrowing, no outside financial help….  I firmly believe that anyone with a dream and enthusiasm can start a business, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to get going!

I love the connections I've made with fellow crafters; customers that have turned into firm friends and supporters over the years.

I’ve built my little company from nothing to a strong local business, providing relaxing and inspiring residential weekends, and bringing you beautiful products to work with.

Being my own boss gives me the ability to work my own hours, choose my own product line, pursue my own ideas, take time off when I wish…. 

……It’s not easy to work for yourself but it gives me FREEDOM, and for me, nothing is more precious than deciding for myself how I spend my time!