David Bailey didn't choose this.....

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Are you having a staycation this year? Even if you are just holidaying at home, theres always an opportunity to capture some memories with your camera.

These days, most of us have our smart phones in our bag all the time so theres no excuse - and they are so sophisticated that you can get wonderful pictures for your albums.

Do you remember 'that' advert from the 1990s, with renowned photographer using a compact camera at a wedding?   I wonder what he'd choose now?

What is your camera of choice, I'd love to know.  

Do you use a digital SLR, or even a film camera? - Am I alone in preferring my phone camera most of the time?  What do you reach for to cpature the moment?

Many people seem to think that mobile phone photography isnt 'real' photography - what do you think?

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